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About  Me

My name is Christina, and I am a woman who wears many hats. I am a creative designer, an event planner, and a yoga instructor.

I specialize in graphic design for both print & digital formats, project management, as well as event planning, design & coordination. I’m a natural producer, a hard worker, who’s passionate about what I do. I am a highly creative person who loves to design, decorate, and work with my hands. I welcome new projects and challenges, where I can learn and evolve my skillset.  

I practice yoga in efforts to balance my hectic work life and side projects. I started my yoga journey to bring more movement and peacefulness into my life. It has since become part of my daily routine. My workout, my stress relief, my me time, my serenity, my happy place. In 2021 I decided to deepen my practice and trained to become an instructor. I love having the opportunity to make others feel good, and to share my knowledge and experience with the world!

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